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Recent system enhancements for agents

We have upgraded our systems to offer you and your clients even better service, both now and in the future. In our recent system enhancements, we replaced our underwriting and billing systems, and updated our online services. While this is a big change internally, the impact is mostly behind-the-scenes and will be minimal for you and your clients.

When you log in, here is what you will see:

Online services and features

  • An updated Agent Gateway with better navigation to the features you use most often.
  • A new billing and payments page with the ability to schedule payments and see your clients’ payment history, account history and invoices (for those currently on installment billing, and all other policyholders upon renewal in the new system). We introduced this new page in our agent webinar, Payments, Invoices and Statements: What You Need to Know About Texas Mutual's Upcoming System Enhancements.
  • An improved Internet Quoting (IQ) system. The majority of IQ changes simply make the system more user-friendly, but there are a few changes you’ll want to be aware of, which you can read about below or see in our updated IQ How To video.
  • IQ changes:

    • Data entered into IQ will not be reformatted to all caps. The way you enter information is the way it will be presented on the quote.
    • Sorting your account list will be simpler.
    • The quote status “Rejected” will be written as “Not Taken.”
    • Versioning of requotes will start with “v1” rather than “0000.”
    • New questions about the applicant’s wellness and return-to-work programs will be asked.
    • Sub codes are no longer requested in the exposures section.
    • You can note both included and excluded owners and officers.
    • In the loss history section, you do not need to differentiate medical-only losses from other losses. It should all be captured in the total paid field.
    • In requotes, you can change certain criteria but if you need to adjust the named insured, DBA, FEIN or e-mod, you will need to send a message to the underwriter with those changes rather than changing it in the application.
    • Applications in Not Taken status will not be eligible for automatic requote, but you can send a message to the underwriter requesting a requote.The application will then be requoted, but with a new number.
    • Accounts with a mailing address outside the US, deductible policies, START policies, PEO accounts and clients of PEOs are not eligible for online quoting.

Payments, invoices and statements

  • As you start writing business and renewing in the new system, you’ll see two different types of invoices – one from the legacy system and one from the new. Because the two systems don’t connect financially, you could potentially receive an invoice from one system and a check from the other. This applies to commission statements as well. This is temporary and will only last until all policies have renewed in the new system. We address this issue in detail in our agent webinar, Payments, Invoices and Statements: What You Need to Know About Texas Mutual's Upcoming System Enhancements. We’re also available at (800) 859-5995 to help with any issues that may arise in this area.
  • In the new system, policyholder billing will move from a policy-level approach to an account-level approach. This means that payments will be applied to the oldest charge first to reduce the risk of cancellation.

What your clients now see:

  • An updated Policyholder Gateway with easier navigation.
  • The new billing page with the ability to schedule payments and see payment history, account history and invoices.
  • For policies in the new system, if a payment isn’t received by the invoice due date, a late fee of $10 will be assessed. An insufficient funds fee of $30 will be assessed if payments are reversed due to insufficient funds.
  • Next time a client with online payroll reporting renews, their Payroll Reporting Online system will have an updated look and a few new features. A click-through tour will be provided for policyholders after they login.
  • When a policy renews they’ll also see a new invoice, and may notice that they get fewer invoices as we’ll be consolidating policy changes into fewer regular invoices rather than sending one for each policy change. This is called cyclical billing and it will provide policyholders with one regular payment due date. Currently our system issues an invoice any time a transaction or change is processed and assigns a unique due date for that transaction. Cyclical billing is an industry standard that will streamline our billing process and create less paperwork. For more information about this change, watch our agent webinar, Payments, Invoices and Statements: What You Need to Know About Texas Mutual's Upcoming System Enhancements.

See how we communicated these changes to policyholders .

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