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Social Services Agencies of Texas

The Social Services Agencies of Texas group provides a money-saving coverage solution for community action agencies, senior citizen programs, after-school programs, and other social service agencies, such as Meals on Wheels and Head Start. Group members receive a premium discount based on the group's total premium, and they retain their own experience modifier.

Dividend history by year

2005 $70,291
2006 $200,430
2007 $360,349
2008 $304,515
2009 $179,324
2010 $273,876
2011 $297,910
2012 $280,638
2013 $101,911
2014 $307,046
2015 $637,621
2016 $866,958
2017 $811,583
Total $4,692,452

Please note that Safety Groups reach 100 percent of their dividend potential in their third year.

*NOTE: Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

Qualifying class codes

Qualifying class codes included in the Social Services Agencies of Texas Safety Group are 8832, 8837, 8868, 9063, 9101.

Contact information

For more information about the Social Services Agencies of Texas Safety Group, email Kaycie Berley, or call (972) 427-4205.

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