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Texas Home Builders

The Texas Home Builders (THB) Safety Group offers home builders a prime deal on their workers' compensation insurance. Members get a premium discount, an industry-specific safety plan and potential dividends.*

Any licensed Texas agent can submit qualifying clients for THB membership. For more information, visit thbwcgroup.com.

Dividend history by year

2008 $59,360
2009 $105,407
2010 $122,694
2011 $130,050
2012 $91,811
2013 $39,430
2014 $54,231
2015 $117,226
2016 $242,033
2017 $191,946
Total $1,154,188

Safety Groups reach 100 percent of their dividend potential in their third year.

*NOTE: Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

Qualifying class codes

The qualifying class codes for the Texas Home Builders Safety Group are 5437, 5606, 8601, and 9014.

Contact information

For more information about THB, email Becky Walker, or call (972) 512-7770.

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