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New e-Learning tool for policyholders

Texas Mutual recently launched a new training tool for policyholders called e-Learning. Through e-Learning, employers can assign training from our new course catalog, see results and manage records. Find out more about e-Learning here.

Texas Mutual distributed $240 million in dividends in 2016

Texas Mutual rewarded safety-conscious policyholders with $240 million in dividends in 2016.

Ward Group recognizes Texas Mutual's financial strength

Texas Mutual was named among the 2016 Ward's 50 P&C Top Performers. The award recognizes Texas Mutual's financial strength and ability to keep its promises to Texas employers and their employees.

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Learn how to control your workers' comp costs

Texas Mutual invites employers to attend a free workers' compensation workshop and learn how to prevent workplace accidents, manage claims and fight workers' compensation fraud.

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