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Learn about specific workers' comp issues without ever leaving the office. Upcoming webinar opportunities are posted below when available, and past webinars are always available.

Upcoming webinars

June 22 at 10:30 a.m.
Payments, Invoices and Statements: What You Need to Know About Texas Mutual's Upcoming System Enhancements

In this webinar we'll discuss how Texas Mutual's upcoming system enhancements affect payments, policyholder invoicing and commission statements. We'll introduce the new billing and payments page, talk about scheduling payments, and share what your agency needs to know about these changes.
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Past webinars

Workers' Compensation Basics

Whether you're new to workers' compensation or you need a refresher course, check out this webinar where we review the basics of workers' compensation coverage, including Texas-specific coverage options, components of a workers' compensation policy, and workers' compensation rating and terms.
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Premium Audit Basics

When your Texas Mutual clients undergo a premium audit, they may look to you for help. Though the premium audit process is much less complicated than you may think, there are still a number of things that can make it even simpler for policyholders. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn what your clients can expect during an audit and how you can help them prepare for a successful audit process.
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Commonly Misinterpreted Class Codes

Our premium audit department assembled a list of the most commonly misinterpreted class codes. In this brief webinar, we will review the list and explain what those codes were not intended to cover.
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Classifying a Risk

When writing workers' comp, classifying a risk is where it all starts. Accurate levels of coverage and correct pricing depend on understanding your clients' businesses and knowing how Texas Mutual classifies risks.
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Basic Experience Modifier Training

This webinar examines the purpose of experience rating, the formula characteristics and the types of experience modifiers.
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